Online Giving

Why Give?
At Living Water Baptist Church, we believe that one of the many ways to honor God is through giving. Biblical stewardship is  a generous response of loving obedience that constitutes an essential part of our worship of God (2 Corinthians 9:6-7). Giving is simply a way of giving back a portion of what God has already given us. At Living Water Baptist Church we believe that we are to be good managers of the money entrusted to us. Through your giving, we are able to do ministry both inside and outside our walls. 
Giving Options
For your convenience, we offer an online giving portal that allows you to give anytime anywhere. You will have the option of transferring funds directly through your bank account via an ACH or you can use Visa, Discover, or Mastercard to make your donation.
If you forget your gift at home, are gone due to travel or other reasons, or are just looking for a more convenient way to give, we encourage you to try our online portal through Sharefaith. 
Sunday Morning
Bring your gift, whether cash or check written to Living Water Baptist Church, to be taken up during our time of offering during Sunday morning service. 
Is online giving secure?
All back end processing is done through HaloPays which is PCI-DSS compliant, SSL/TLS secured, and performs a variety of scans and encryption to ensure your information is protected. 
Can I give to a specific funds online?
Yes! We offer multiple different funds that you can specify to when giving. Whether it’s tithing/general, building, youth, missions, etc. You can input how much you would like to give to each respective fund. If you would like to make a donation and the funding category in not available, please select the “Other” category and type in the comments sections where you would like your donation to go.
Will I get a receipt?
Yes, immediately after the transaction, you will see a receipt on your screen and if you provided an email, you will receive a copy in your inbox as well. If you have a recurring gift, you will receive an email confirmation a week before it processes as well as a receipt after it processes.
Can I set up recurring gifts?
Yes! That is one of the many perks of online giving! You have the option of giving a one time donation or setting up a recurring gift (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc) which makes tithing and giving much more convenient.  If you up a recurring gift without creating an account, you can edit that gift by clicking the link in their last email confirmation or receipt.
Can I adjust my online giving?
Yes. There are a few different ways a recurring gift can be managed. (1) You will receive an email whenever their gift is processed. In that email there is a link that allows them to manage your recurring gift. This is also true of the reminder email they receive a week beforehand. (2) On every donation form, there is a link that says “Update recurring gift.” When you click on this link, you are able to request an email giving them access to their recurring transactions. (3) If you created an account and setup their recurring gift within it, then you are able to edit all of their recurring gifts by logging into your account. You have the ability to change dates, payment method, amounts and designations after logging in. 
What forms of payment do you take online?
We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and ACH (e-check). ACH is a transaction in which someone donates directly from their bank account by inputting their account and routing number. Checking accounts are recommended as most savings accounts do not allow ACH transactions.